The patient in the foreground

Improving the patient experience in the spotlight

As a provider of technology solutions for the clinical laboratory market, we are undergoing a paradigm shift.

Historically and until very recently, the focus was exclusively on clinical analysis centers and their operations. Today, we consider our customers, the laboratories, as a partner to reach the patient. Mainly, we are the link to improve the quality of care and enrich the patient’s experience. That is to say, we are aligned with our partners and we are their allies, to contribute to the patient’s choice to undergo their studies in that center every time their doctor tells them to do so.

This clear business objective of accompanying our clients to improve the patient experience is directly linked to the high levels of consolidations, marked by an expansive policy through acquisitions and mergers undertaken by the main players in the sector. Therefore, the atomization of the market into a few players requires technology to place the patient at the center of the scene, in order to provide the best experience.

To optimize and improve the relationship with the patient, at Kern IT we provide solutions to our customers for the complete pre-analytical process, extraction module, self-management by patients, and we adapt the service to the patient, according to the requirements of the present and the future. And if we talk about putting the patient first, we can also provide the option of pre-check-in, so that their wait in the laboratory is shorter, taking into account that their time is very valuable.


In short, a concentrated diagnostic market with few players implies new challenges for a technology solutions provider. The increase in the volume of operations that each laboratory currently has is substantially higher. And therefore, in order to improve the quality of service both internally and externally, technology alone is not enough. It is extremely necessary for technology to take into account all the current needs of the patient, to place him/her at the center of the scene and provide him/her with the best care experience.


*By Rodolfo Renner, commercial vice-president of Kern Software Technology.