Focused together with clinical analysis laboratories to improve the quality of patient care.

Our experience of more than 20 years in the health sector contributes to ensuring that our service and solutions adapt easily to the needs of our clients and to the speed required by the market.

We are your partner for continuous improvement in patient care in the laboratory.

Our products

Solutions to our clients for the complete pre-analytical process, extraction module, self-management by patients, and pre check-in to optimize service times.


It covers all processes prior to the start of the analytical sample processing processes in the plant. The process groups covered by this module are: Order Management / Extraction Management and Sample Management.


Business Intelligence Module for laboratories. Allows you to generate management dashboards with abbreviated relevant information.


Interface engine between health information systems. It is a common platform to manage interoperability between Kern systems and other systems running in the same laboratory, but it can be used stand alone between other non-kern systems.


Management Module for Pathological Anatomy (AP). It allows you to manage the logistics of samples from the AP laboratory, including labeling the cassettes and crystals. High level of traceability at all points of the process. It allows you to prepare reports on surgical interventions that later complement the final report.