Kern is global

Kern is now global!


After a decade of preparing ourselves to meet the demand of large laboratories and centers abroad, we are ready to take a big step. In an increasingly globalized market, we have completed a stage of preparation and decided to move towards a concrete expansion of our business and get out of the box.
Yes, Kern is now a global company!
For more than twenty years, we have capitalized on the international expertise of our partners. As is the case with our partnership with bioMérieux, which allowed us to join forces, to distribute microbiology software (R.E.A.L.) in Latin America, resulting in more than 800 installations in 18 countries.
In line with our strategic plan, we upgraded technologically and functionally Kern LIS, our integrated management system for clinical analysis laboratories, which is ready to be launched in the global market.

“We are ready to talk about a global business” said Claudio Weisz, CEO of the company, while expanding “Years of development and proven installations in different countries endorse our service and mainly the Cloud solutions (in the cloud) that give us enormous flexibility and great capacity of attention.
So much so, that we decided to open a subsidiary in Brazil and expanded our service and commercial structure to cover other markets in the region, including: Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico, mainly.
Our customers are going through similar changes and this context leads us to join forces. With a completely renewed website, from the esthetics and content, we decided to present ourselves as what we are, a mature company that decided to be global, strengthening the markets in which we are present and developing new ones, through an innovative commercial strategy that has to do with certain bases on which Kern was founded.

“Kern comes from core” explains Rodolfo Renner, CCO of the company, expanding his vision on this new strategy applied and adds: “The core is the basis of interoperability, a characteristic that we have and that, unlike those who boast of interconnecting systems, we really make everything work. That’s where the good experiences of our customers start, who for years recommend us as the only company that has the ability to interpret and get involved in solving the typical problems of the industry. We have the experience, we have the resources, we have the knowledge and now we also have the service capable of serving a global business with the highest world standards and become true partners of our customers.”

If improving the patient experience is your goal too, let’s be partners!